We’re on indefinite hiatus guys! Just a reminder. 

Anonymous: Are you going to be taking auditions for much longer? Because Id love to send my voice in but cant record for a few days.

Oh no time limit just send them in whenever you’re free. 



Half Dead and So Alive (Aradia/Sollux)- Download - non-tindeck
art by quietelegy

I was scrolling through my dash and suddenly arasol feels and then this happened.

You heard the doomed
I heard the dead
They called out to us
Messed with our heads
And a constant I felt
When memories faded
Was the comfort you dealt
It simmered and aided

We both know death
It dances and spins
You deal it, you feel it
This thing we’re caught in
But we’re caught together
There’s no one I’d rather
Share this with
Half-dead and so alive,
we’re going to get through this

You had to kill me
I had to die
I had to haunt you
blow up and fly
And all of these years
There you have been
When I thought that I’d lost you
You’d come back again

I’m alive, you’re by my side
We’ll both fly away tonight

Only Tamara, but still a ship song. :)


We’ve been working hard on a lot of other things and Tamara started making a lot of parody songs and such. We will have something new for you as soon as we can coordinate more!

Anonymous: No requesting a ship but holy shit your voice sounds a lot like Rachel Macwhirter's.

Wow, I’ll take that compliment!


Anonymous: I have a question about the audition process! Could I maybe link you to a tindeck post of my singing (it's a capella by the way) and that could be my audition? Or would you like me to record something entirely new?

That would be fine! Just send it via email (found on the audition page) as you can’t post links easily on tumblr.

Anonymous: Do you take requests for shipping songs that are based on already existing songs from popular artists? If so, could you, by any chance do a humanstuck Eridan♥Sollux one (Yeah, I know you already did that <<) based on Marina and the Diamonds' song Primadonna? That would be amazing as hell. <3

While I think we mostly want to stick to originals here, I might do it for fun on my personal blog. I’m a bit of a Marina fan. Pluuuus we already did that pairing. But like I said, I can keep it in mind. Thanks for the request!

Anonymous: sumoner<3mindfang heheh \o oh and a quick query regarding auditions - do we have to sing to an instrumental? c:

No, you can sing a capella as well! If you are singing -over- a track with vocals though make sure it is at LOW volume so I can focus on your voice. :)

I will say that there are a lot of karaoke tracks on youtube that you can download using less than legal means. Not that I condone that of course…

Anonymous: erifef uUu also where would we put auditions? would we just kinda of do a cover of one of your songs that you have already done here?

Check the auditions info on the sidebar, anon! Just to recap, sing any song you’d like and tell us if youhave a preferred character, then send to totalspiffage at gmail dot com! Please note that your microphone will need to be of at least decent quality.



submitted by askcarcino-bloodknight

This wonderful person decided to try their hand at singing our Land of Ships and Music song “Forgive Me”. Thank you so much! This is lovely! :)

^Reblogging from my personal as it was submitted there but check this out!

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